Behind the Covers
Yousef A. Juma

I am what you call Mr. International. That's because I spent the last 30 years of my career with Kuwait Airways in different countries - Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, The Benelux, U.K, Cyprus, The Americas, and finally as Senior Regional Director for Middle East & Africa based in Cairo.

Married, and have two sons - one has upheld the family tradition by joining Kuwait Airways, and the other lives in America.

Favorite pass times are fishing and accumulating junk! In the meantime, I am slowly adjusting to life in Kuwait.

Jacob Oommen

The visionary and the architect of this site. Works for Kuwait Airways during the daylight hours, and chases after books (among other finer things of life) the rest of his time.

Obviously like reading, choral music, the occasional fishing trips when all what is achieved is just about feeding the fish, playing chess, pets (the numerous graphics on the site would have betrayed me anyway), traveling, etc.


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