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Yes, we buy them back as well! 

This unique offer allows you to sell back books purchased from our store, provided they are in it's original purchase condition and stamped with our logo.

Our buyback policy is tailored to maximize the benefit for the customer. The main objective of this scheme is to encourage readers to return books to the store; thus making them available to others who may wish to read them.

Refunds can be obtained as Store Credit which can be used for the purchase of other books or items from the store.

75% credit for books that are returned before three days
50% credit for books that are returned thereafter

The 75% credit would suit quick readers, or those who do not like the book(s) they have purchased, or even at times find that they have read the book a few years ago.

Please ensure that the books are retained in its original purchase condition. Damages, if any, will attract deductions, and in excessive cases, we reserve the right to refuse a sale.

Please note that the buyback scheme does not cover books purchased from our Bargain Corner.