Do you have a collection of paperback or hardback books that you would like to sell? We are constantly looking for quality books to expand our database. As our operation is restricted to only within Kuwait for now, it would not be practical for us to buy/sell from/to outside the country. Nevertheless, please send in your queries and we shall try to accommodate them as best as we can.

If you are seeking to sell a small number of general used books, bring it to our store and we shall make you a fair offer. For those of you who wish to sell a larger collection of 100 books or more, but cannot bring the whole lot to us in person, we shall send a representative to your location to have it appraised. Books must be generally clean in appearance, even-though they may contain highlighting, margin notes, or other markings. However, torn pages are unacceptable and the cover must be intact.

What do we pay for used books?
We buy books we feel we can resell, offering approximately 25% (as store credit) of the price we expect to realize for the books. This price could also depend on desirability, market value, in-print price, conditions, and our current stock levels. Please note that we cannot appraise or make offers for books over e-mail or by telephone.

What we won't buy?
With so many books in the market, and our own stock continually changing, it is impossible to say what exactly we will be interested in at any one time. However, we can say exactly what kind of books we are not interested in.

Those are:

  • Damaged books

  • Old text books

  • Software user's manuals

  • Copies of Koran, Bible, and other religious texts

  • Old Magazines or periodicals

  • Books banned by the Kuwaiti Government.