Sell Through
A different approach

We now offer a "
sell through" scheme for local residents (Kuwait) that will help you maximize the return from selling your books.

How does it work?
The system is suitable for small collections of books from 25 up to 300. (If you are selling a larger collection then please contact us directly to discuss in further detail)

How do the books reach us?
You are welcome to deliver the books personally or if that is not practical, then we can arrange to collect the books from you.

On receipt of the books we will provide you with a count and a confirmation of our receipt. Over the following weeks the books will be valued, catalogued and made available for sale at our store and through this website. You will then receive a full list of the books, with the sale price, as confirmation of your stock held by us. Those books that we do not consider worth selling can be returned to you. In general, condition of books should be very good or better. In the case of unusual or rare items, we would consider a lesser condition.

The current demand is for books under the following categories.

Art & Crafts, Architecture, Biographies, Business, Cooking, Comics, Health, Home & Garden, History & Politics, Music, Non-Fiction, Science, Self-Help, Religion & Philosophy, War & Military.

As we already have a fairly abundant collection of Children's Books, General Fiction, Romance, Western, we are not interested to stock them at the moment. If in doubt please call us before you bring your books to the store.

What you will receive?

Stock Time versus Cost Per Book
  1 -  3   Months  60% Of Sale Price
  4 -  6   Months  50% Of Sale Price
  7 -  9   Months  40% Of Sale Price
10- 12  Months  30% Of Sale Price

Why does the return decrease? Certain books take longer to sell than others and takes up valuable space at our store. That costs money.

At the end of the 12 month period there are two options. Firstly, all remaining stock can be returned to you against a nominal fee of 100 fills per book to cover our initial cataloguing costs.

A catalogue of the remaining stock will be sent along with them. Alternatively you may wish to accept our offer to take them into our ownership.

Terms & Conditions
1) At no point do we take ownership of the books until 12 months has elapsed and an agreement as to the termination of the selling arrangement has taken place. The books remain yours and can be returned to you at any time should you wish to have them or sell them elsewhere. Please note that to do so will require you to settle up with us for the listing fee (100 fills per book) that would be deducted from the sale price of the book.

2) At any time you can request a list of current books for sale, and books that have been sold and the amount due to you.

3) Payment can be arranged monthly, or whenever a mutually agreed sale amount has totaled up. You may collect it as cash or use it as store credit that can be redeemed at our store.

4) All books are priced to sell, rather than sit on our shelves. Any book whose value is disputed can be re-evaluated. However, our experience is in selling books and, to sell, price and condition are key factors.