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Tips & Treats:   QUIZ
* A convenient spot to park your vehicle would be at the Salhiya car park or at the UTC building (behind).

* Help us reduce plastic carrier bags. Bring your own bag with you and redeem 100 fills against it. It may not be much but it would at least pay for towards your car parking charges and also encourage us to be more environmentally conscious.

* Most updates and announcements are posted on the website. So it a good idea to check the website from time to time.

* If you are not able to reach the store telephone numbers for any reason, you can call us on cell number 5555-3108.

* The online inventory is only updated once a week. So it is likely that in some cases, one or more of the books you have reserved may no longer be available at the store. In such cases, you will be notified by SMS / E-mail within 24 hours of your reservation. However, if you are in a rush, it is best to call the store and verify the status of the reserved books before you come to pick it up.

* With an emphasis on recycling, it is worth mentioning that most of our books are procured locally from customers who trade-in or sell their books, garage sales, flea market, and from generous donations as well.

* Don't be carried away by the website into thinking that Q8books is a large bookstore! Best described, it is just about twice the size of an average living room. But certainly it is the coziest bookstore in Kuwait.

  How NOT to pay for half your books! Pinching them is not an option:)-

This quiz is ONLY available for those buying books in cash worth five KD (5) and above.

Quiz can only be taken after the books are checked out. 
Take a quiz of five questions. (Guaranteed to be difficult! Who said it was easy to earn a buck these days?
Limited to only one round per person / family.
If you come as a family, you may pool in your thoughts to come up with the right answer. Only the first answer counts.
Kids below 6 years old are not eligible to take part - unless he/she is a child prodigy!
Maximum time allowed to come up with an answer is 30 seconds!

Earn 1/2 KD for every CORRECT answer.
Lose 1/2 KD for every WRONG answer which will be deducted from any credits accrued.
You have the option to skip a question. Very important if you do not want to loose any money earned!

Questions are randomly chosen.
No tips or hints.
No points for partial answers or guessing the first alphabet!
No double guessing. Only the first answer counts.
Checking IPad / Phone etc is not allowed.
No! You cannot call and check with your buddy either!
When in doubt the Quiz Master has the final say.

P.S. Quiz can ONLY be availed when the Quiz Master (Jacob) is present.

And NO. The quiz cards are not for sale!

Coffee Redemption - The fine print!

* This treat applies only when you arrive during regular store working hours and find us still closed. This excludes public holidays.

* Each adult can redeem (in store credit only) a maximum of KD 1.500 spent either at Caribou or Starbucks stores located at the Salhiya Plaza / Salhiya Complex.

* You can redeem this money anytime you visit the store. Of course the bill must be produced. The time and date stamp should be visible on the bill.

Well, enjoy your cup of coffee while we edge towards bankruptcy:)!

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